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About our On Demand options

CrossTrain 180 On Demand

CrossTrain 180 with Amy Smith is a total exercise program designed to burn fat, chisel lean muscle, reshape your body, and take your fitness to whole new level. Plus ~ and this is the game-changer for Amy ~ she aims to renew your mind, lift your spirit, and bring you inspiration and motivation to encourage your soul, so you don’t just see results on the outside but incredible transformation on the inside.
CrossTrain 180 helps you to discipline your entire self. Amy focuses on the complete YOU!
This program is incredibly powerful, unique, and revolutionary. It’s a 180-degree ‘fitness’ turnaround that has the ability to change your life!
This option allows you to purchase our CrossTrain180 program for one low price and then stream or download the videos anytime!
After purchasing the Live Streaming/Instant Download set, please forward your Vimeo confirmation e-mail to to receive a digital copy of your Meal Plan, Fit Tips, Inspirations and Fitness Calendar.


CrossTrain 180 Fit Camp On Demand

“180 Fit Camp On Demand” monthly subscription!
Take Amy’s unscripted and unedited ‘Fit Camp’ classes wherever you live! Each workout is taped in her gym, and the library keeps growing! Take all available classes whenever you like, as often as you like. Receive up to 4 new workouts each month!


Personal Training

Online Training with Amy

Allow Amy the privilege of being your trainer and coach. She will create personalized workouts for you that include her exercise video demonstrations to help guide you along on your journey. She’ll send you motivational and inspirational Christian messages on most days of the week to keep you encouraged, focused, and accountable, as well. With her online training program accessed through the app or computer you can track your stats, watch your progress, and interact one on one with Amy. You will build strength, lose weight, and/or achieve your fitness and health goals while gaining inspiration and empowerment to live completely fit – body, mind, and spirit – on purpose.

*For greater results, be sure to sign up for our meal plan packages. With exercise AND a personalized meal plan, you have the opportunity to achieve 450% better results than a plan with exercise alone!